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Therapy for life's transitions

Find clarity in your path forward
when everything feels like too much.


Aging Parents   /   Career Shifts  /  Decision Fatigue
Family Changes  /   Health Issues  /  Relationship Strain   
End of Life Planning  /   Caregiver Support /
Grief and Loss / Men's Issues

Therapy that brings freedom from overthinking. 

Trying to keep track of day to day tasks while navigating a life transition can feel like too much. People I work with have these questions going through their mind--


Why do I feel overwhelmed by small tasks? Why do I feel so much anxiety trying to figure out how to respond to people in my life? When will I feel less worried about changes in my life? How can I manage my stress better? Why do I feel so alone in this process? Are my feelings normal? How to do I make decisions when I'm flooded by sadness? Why do I feel confused about the right way to move forward?


Finding a pause in your week to look at all of the big and small things can create clarity in your life. Working to develop a roadmap that makes sense for your lifestyle, values, and personality is key to finding freedom. Sitting in a space with someone who understands the complexity of all that comes with transitions in life can be incredibly comforting and confidence building. 


900 American Boulevard East, Suite 212

Bloomington, MN  55420

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